Featured Organizations


Elk Rock Gardens – Portland, OR
Elk Rock Gardens is part of a thirteen acre estate given to the Diocese of Oregon in 1959.

Emerald Spiral Co-op – Seattle, WA
Spiritual/Artistic Cooperative

The Fundred Dollar Bill Project – New Orleans, LA
Invites students from all over the country to create hand drawn artworks to raise awareness for lead remediation and environmental issues in New Orleans.

Mentoring Children of Promise – Everett, WA
Part of Volunteers of America, Mentoring Children of Promise works to match children of incarcerated parents with caring, loving mentors.

The Nourishing Kitchen of New York City – Harlem, NY
Non-profit community food program providing nutritious meals in a safe and caring environment.

NYC Christmas Elves – New York, NY
Organized during the filming of ‘Craigslist Joe’ via Craigslist, this group of volunteers contributed to NYC communities by donating to children’s group homes, helping out in soup kitchens, and volunteering at battered women shelters, drug rehabilitation clinics and senior citizen living homes.

Structures of Success – Everett, WA
After school program within the Seattle public housing project, serving refugee children from all over the world.